Monday, September 28, 2015

Spanish Black Radish on the Standard Process Farm

I had the privilege to go to the Standard Process farm and see first hand how they make the supplements from seed to bottle. I was most impressed with the Spanish Black Radish. They were huge and so healthy.

They then get chopped up and put into a dehydrator which the one I saw was brand new and took an extra hour to do compared to the old one. The reason they 'downgraded' to a slower one was for better quality. That's how you make an awesome product even more awesome!

And this what it looks like once out of the dehydrator.

Standard Process either dehydrates or juices their crops. With the crops they juice the leftover pulp makes for great compost! Here's a photo of their compost piles.

At every meal the centerpiece was a bottle of zypan which was disheartening because I am currently taking multizyme, lol!

And finally they are now selling Spanish black radish in a big bottle!
Spanish black radish supports gut health by promoting the body’s detox pathways by cleansing the colon through moving out toxic material. It also helps the valves of the large intestine not to spasm. When the valve is in spasm constipation can occur. Spanish black radish also has an antibiotic action because it is high in sulfur. It also acts as a natural diuretic and promotes systemic detox by activating the liver’s primary detox mechanisms. MSM is a popular supplement to provide sulfur to the body but Spanish black radish not only provides the sulfur but synergistic folate, vitamin A and C, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. Spanish black radish also helps in helping connective tissue as in arthritis and supports the body during a yeast infection. It is for all those reasons I am excited it now comes in economy size!

So there you have it! My Standard Process scrap book!

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