Monday, January 26, 2015

Is Your LIver Toxic?

When working with people in getting rid of toxins I help the body pull the toxins out of the cells and into the bloodstream to then be detoxed by the liver and kidneys and then out through the bowels or urine. Sometimes the liver is already burdened and cannot do this job well so to help jump start the liver and allow the person to detox without problems I suggest a liver flush. I also suggest one when the patient has a history of or I suspect, gallstones.

There are quite a few varieties of liver flushes out there. The one I like the most is from Standard Process with my own slight variations. Here are the steps:

1. From Monday morning to noon on Saturday, in addition to your normal diet, add 4 malic acid a day, 2 at breakfast and 2 at dinner. Dosage may vary person to person so it is best to get the malic acid muscle tested for correct, personal dosage. Nature's Life malic acid is a good brand.

2. At noon on Saturday, eat a normal lunch, including salad.

3. Three hours after lunch, take 8 capsules of Disodium Phosphate by Standard Process.

4. Two hours later, take 8 more capsules of Disodium Phosphate. This should be done at least one hour before dinner.

5. Saturday dinner should be only organic citrus or organic citrus juice.

6. At bedtime, drink 4 ounces (1/2 a cup) of unrefined, extra virgin, first-pressed olive oil with the juice of half a lemon. Follow this with a small glass of grapefruit juice.

7. Go to bed. Lie on your right side with your right knee up for 30 minutes.

8. Go to sleep.

9. Upon rising and at least one hour before breakfast, take 8 capsules of Disodium Phosphate again.

10. Sunday will be your cleansing. Continue your regular diet, and you will usually have a loose bowel movement within an hour of step 9. In some individuals this may happen the night before.

11. After this bowel movement do not flush toilet. Instead check for any stones of gelatinous balls. Evaluate their approximate size and number. Report this to your practitioner. Here is an example of what they may look like. Variations of green and greenish brown colors are common.

12. This procedure will leave some people weak. Be prepared to rest after this procedure.

13. If stones or balls are present, this procedure can be repeated in 2 weeks. Talk with your practitioner to make a plan.

14. The number and size of balls will generally diminish when subsequent procedures are done as suggested by practitioner.

15. Some people experience nausea after taking the olive oil. This usually diminishes by the time you go to bed. If olive oil induces vomiting, do not repeat the procedure at this time and discuss with your practitioner.

When a patient vomits or I feel that the liver flush may be too extreme for some patients who I suspect have gallstones or that a sluggish liver is holding back their progress in my office, I then suggest taking malic acid or Chanca Piedra on a regular basis (whichever one the patient muscle tests better for) to help break down gallstones and move sluggish toxins through liver. Slowly but surely can also get the job done over time!