Monday, February 1, 2016

100% Pure Makeup Can Now Be Found at Duane Reade!

About a year ago I blogged about 100% Pure makeup. I was super excited to find a makeup line that was chemical and metal free. I hadn't heard about this company until one of my patients came in with it to be muscle tested. I couldn't wait to go to their website and start my own research and it is an amazing company! I now just found out (from a different patient) that they started selling 100% Pure at Duane Reade! It's important to sample makeup and I'm so glad it's now easily accessible. So I went across the street from the office and sure enough, this is what I found!

Most makeups contain not only chemicals but also heavy metals such as titanium and iron oxides that can be toxic to the body but this makeup line uses 100% natural ingredients and most of them are organic too! They use actual fruit to make the colors and for those patients of mine who are not supposed to eat fruit, no worries, putting the fruit on your face is okay. They do have titanium in their makeup with spf so read ingredients carefully not to use those.

I currently use their eyeshadow palette, luminous primer and mascara. I have tried their lipsticks but find the colors too bold for my complexion.

Here is an example of an ingredient list of one of their eye shadows:

Organic Rice Starch*, Pigments of Organic Carrot*, Squash, Organic Apricot*, Organic Peach*, Papaya and Organic Tomato1, Vitamin E (a-tocopherol), Organic Lavender*, Organic Rosehip OIl*, Organic Avocado Butter*, Organic Cocoa Butter*, Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), Mica (natural shimmery mineral) * Certified Organic

To check out more products go to or to Duane Reade!

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