Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Why Organic Skin care and how can it benefit the skin?
By guest writer Kristen Leigh, Aesthetics and Cosmetology

With " Organic" being a trending word, often times we get confused on what does Organic actually mean.

If I buy Organic Skin Care, how do I know if the products are Organic and why would it be better for my skin? These are great questions that come up often. Let us talk about Organic for your skin and how to know what you are buying is really Organic.

Growing up in a small town, my family was fortunate enough to grow many of the wonderful vegetables and fruits we loved. This truly is a great thing to have access to fresh, whole food. Now a days, farming has changed so it is no surprise that you hear about Organic Farming more and more due to the growing amount of pesticides and synthetic seeds that have made their way into our food source.

In simple terms, Organic means grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. With the Genetically Modified Seeds being a controversial issue many are also looking for the NON GMO certified label as their are currently no requirements for food to state if they were grown from GMO seeds. For skin care products the ingredients should show they are grown from Organic and Biodynamic Farms and the best way to ensure your products are Organic it is best to look for certifications such as USDA Organic, NON GMO verified, Demeter and Biokontroll.

When using Organic Skin care, it is similar to that of eating healthy Organic foods, the high content of nutrients, minerals, enzymes and fatty acids help to correct skin conditions while promoting overall skin health. With no water added to the products, you are able to gain quicker results with instant skin recognition of the vitamins from organic all grown plants and herbs. All Organic skin care should be free of chemicals, parabens, Phthalates, SLS, Propelyne Glycol and never tested on Animals.

With skin care products not being regulated by the FDA , the consumer must be their own advocate in choosing healthy skin care and cosmetics. I believe in avoiding harsh chemicals & synthetics that are not beneficial to the skin while also being toxic to our body and endocrine system. When treating skin conditions with Organic based skin care products you are not only correcting skin ailments, you will be preventing aging and onset of further conditions. Correction is not enough when you are trying to improve skin issues as you must also be targeting the root cause.

Stay tuned in our next blog for more information on specific Organic Ingredients and how they relate to certain skin conditions. One of my favorite ingredients to use in my skin care practice is topical Probiotic Care for protecting the skin barrier, acne correction and calming inflammation.