Saturday, August 23, 2014

EPIC, an Awesome Protien Snack!

I'm always looking for new snacks to try because day in and day out I can get tired of almonds, cashews and carrot sticks, as I'm sure you can too. Unfortunately, before I go further, I must state that what I'm about to write is for my omnivore patients. I'm a fan of protein snacks especially if I'm busy in the office and haven't had time to eat lunch and it's already 3pm. Eating protein helps me keep going for sure! I've always been a fan of beef jerky but have stayed away from eating it because it's made with all sorts of preservatives, soy and sugar. Even the "natural" jerkys out there still have sugar and soy in them. I've been debating whether or not to get a dehydrator and make my own but the thought of the amount of counter space that is needed for it overwhelms me. So I am happy to have found Epic. Epic bars are grass-fed meat with a minimal amount of fruit. They are gluten-free, milk-free and soy-free. They advertise paleo-friendly if you are familiar with the paleo diet. With eleven grams of protein per bar you can't go wrong.

Finally, jerky without the junk, so exciting! I have tried the "bison bacon cranberry". I want to try the "turkey almond cranberry" next. They also have "beef habanero cherry" and "lamb current mint". I found them at Whole Foods for $3 a bar which is on the expensive side but when you are in a pinch for some quick protein it's priceless. If you buy it off the website you save $2 for a box of 12.

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