Monday, November 24, 2014

The Terror of GMO

Some of my patients have heard of genetically modified foods and some understand that they are harmful to our health while others have heard of it but have limited understanding of their harm, while some patients don't have a clue about it which is okay because that's how our government would like to keep it. I'm writing now to get the word out and make the gray areas more black and white so you can make better health food choices.

I'm going to expose two GMO crops of America now, wheat and soy. America's wheat was genetically modified in the 1970s from a long stalk to a bush with many shorter stalks that created 3 times the amount of wheat gathered per acre of wheat harvest. Sounds great but this genetic modification included 3 times more gluten in the wheat and I believe this to be the cause of all the gluten sensitivities/allergies. 'Heritage wheat' as it is now called is the non-GMO kind which is the type Standard Process harvests when making their wholefoods supplements. Can you believe that? Wheat is the GMO kind and they came up with a new name for the original wheat.

When it comes to GM soy it was fed to rats for 15 months and showed significant changes in their uterus and reproductive cycles, compared to rats fed organic soy or no soy at all confirmed from Jeffery Smith, the director of the Institute of Responsible Technology. Dr. Stanley Ewen, a United Kingdom pathologist, says something in the GM soy was "wrecking" the ovaries and endometrium of the rats and strongly suggested one possible cause is the weed killer used on the beans. Further testing would have to be done to differentiate whether the hormonal problems were coming from the fact that the seeds have been genetically modified or from the fact that they were grown in soil poisoned with glyphosate. Monsanto, however, has a history of not allowing outside testing on their patented seeds.

Where there is GMO soy there is glyphosate. Monsanto's version of glyphosate is called 'roundup' and their genetically modified soybeans are called 'roundup ready'. The seeds have a bacterial gene inserted which allows the plants to survive a normally deadly does of Roundup Herbicide. Jeffery Smith further states that there is so much glyphsate in GM soy beans that when they were first introduced to Europe, the regulatory agencies had to increase their allowable glyphosate residue levels by 200 fold!

Europe changed their laws about GM soy for the worst and America's laws aren't great either. America's laws don't make food companies label GMO food but there are conscious food companies out there that will use the NON-GMO label
so for right now that is our best bet until Michael Taylor leaves the FDA. He is the Deputy Commissioner for Foods at the FDA and wrote the policy on genetically modified food in 1992. The Policy reads: "The agency is not aware of any information showing that food derived by these new methods differs from other foods in any meaningful or uniform way." This policy remains intact for the past 20 years despite strong vocal opposition from the FDA's own scientists.

Now here's the clincher. Michael Taylor was an attorney at Monsanto prior to writing the FDA policy on GMO's in 1992. He then left the FDA to return to Monsanto in the role of vice president and is now back at the FDA serving as the man in charge of our food safety. Such lack of integrity in government agencies is nothing new but buyer beware!

And JUST LAST WEEK Oregon lost the vote to label GMO foods by 3/4ths of a 0.1% and a recount is being pushed. So people are aware and fighting but we aren't winning yet. So if you know of any ways to support labeling of GMO foods please do not hesitate!

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