Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Healthy Living App

Environmental Working Group has a great website called Skin Deep that lets you search for over 60,000 products and rates them according to toxicity. Not only does the product get a score of 1-10 with 1 being the best for 1 is least toxic but it also scores each of the ingredients in the product telling you which ones are safe and which ones may cause cancer. Just type your product into the search box and see what comes up.

Many times I tell female patients to look at their makeup and see what products have titanium in them but ingredient lists are usually not on the product but the box that it came in that was thrown out a long time ago. So this website would be a great resource to see if there is titanium in your makeup.

They also have an app called Healthy Living that allows you to scan products and the info will then come up. It has been a lot of fun scanning my products at home. For example, I use Kiss My Face roll on deodorant in lavender that scores a 1. Interestingly only the lavender or fragrance-free scores a 1. The other scented roll ons score a 3 due to the fragrance they use and the deodorant sticks with fragrance score a 4. Who would have known? So next time you go shopping do some scanning first!

Here are some really safe, non-toxic products according to the Environmental Working Group.

isoi Bulgarian Rose MoisturiZIP
MyChelle Refining Sugar Cleanser
Sea Kind Elysium Serum
Silk Theraputics C Advance Anti-Aging Intensive Serum, Lemongrass
Silk Theraputics Nurture+, Silk+E Balanced Hydration
W3LL PEOPLE Bio Brightener Stick
W3LL PEOPLE Bio Bronzer Stick

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