Monday, November 3, 2014

The Art of Dry Brushing

After writing last weeks post on Detox Baths patients were asking more questions about dry brushing so here's my a nutshell, dry brushing is the process of brushing your skin, preferably before a shower or bath with a dry brush.
Why would we want to do that?

Right below your skin is a network of blood vessels, capillaries, fat, and lymph nodes. They are working hard to circulate through the body, but sometimes our lifestyles and the toxins we have stored in our body will hinder our bodies from doing a really good job of circulating those fluids.

Dry brushing will . . .
1) Help drain your lymphatic system
2) Re-Circulate old or stagnant blood
3) Move toxins out of fat cells to be eliminated by the body
4) Exfoliate dead skin

Starting at the feet and legs, use small brisk strokes always moving TOWARDS the heart. Concentrate on areas on the back of the legs and butt as well as areas where your lymphatic system is concentrated such as the groin area, armpits and the glands on the neck.

This only takes a few minutes and feels refreshing and rejuvenating, especially in the morning.

You can purchase a dry brush at any drug store for about $5-6 dollars or you can purchase one online. Make sure you get one with a long handle and a medium bristle. Too soft won’t do anything and to hard of a bristle may be too harsh on your skin. Dry brushing is done right before showering or bath and once a day. Make sure you wash your brush once a week with soap and let it dry thoroughly.

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