Monday, October 27, 2014

Detox Bath Recipes

Nothing is more relaxing than a warm bath… except perhaps a relaxing warm detox bath that also helps cleanse the body. Some of you may already have the epsom salt bath recipe from me that one of my patients shared with me but here are two other ones I would like to share with you as well! These detox baths will help remove toxins from the body and they also tend to make you tired so I suggest doing them before bed!

If you are detoxing, have a weak immune system or have skin issues these natural recipes are a simple and easy way to boost health! I’m always up for a warm bath, and these natural add-ons help improve health while you relax!

Before starting any bath dry brushing is recommended for it will help stimulate the lymphatic system and open up the pores for a deeper detox.


Dead Sea salt is rich in magnesium, bromide, sulfur, zinc, and sodium, which, when absorbed, all reap many health and beauty benefits.  While both magnesium and sulfur can be poorly absorbed through the stomach, studies show increased magnesium levels from soaking in a bath enriched with Dead Sea salt! Magnesium and sulfur are both easily absorbed through the skin. Sulfur plays an important role in the formation of brain tissue, joint proteins and the proteins that line the walls of the digestive tract. They stimulate the pancreas to generate digestive enzymes and are thought to help detoxify the body of medicines and environmental toxins and is great as an after-workout treat for it helps with sore muscles.


Warm to hot bath (the hotter the water, the more intense the detox)
3-4 cups Dead Sea Salt
1 cup baking soda
Then pour 32 oz Hydrogen Peroxide right as you get into the water
Soak for about 20-30 minutes. Ideal to do at night, but any time of day will work!

You can also put grated fresh ginger (wrapped in cheese cloth or old nylon stocking) into the bath so it warms the skin and opens the pores for more oxygen to get into the system.


This bath is a great overall detoxifier. It is also the best detox bath choice for those with candida issues that affect the skin as it returns the skin to an optimal, slightly acidic ph which is a difficult environment for candida to thrive. An ACV bath also draws excess uric acid out of the body. Uric acid is created when the body breaks down substances called purines in certain foods and drinks. Most uric acid is eliminated via the kidneys in the urine, but some folks such as those with gout can have issues with excess levels. An ACV cleansing bath can provide welcome relief for those with joint problems, arthritis, gout, bursitis, or tendonitis. It also is very helpful for those with excessive body odor problems.

Add 2 cups of pure apple cider vinegar (ACV) to a regular sized tub of water as hot as tolerated. Stay in the bath until the water has cooled which will be about 45 minutes. Towel dry and don’t shower for at least 8 hours.


This bath is great for removing a lot of toxins as the clay binds to heavy metals and the epsom salts help pull a variety of toxins from the body while replenishing magnesium levels.

1/2 cup bentonite clay
1/2 cup epsom salts
essential oils if desired

Dissolve the epsom salts in a warm/hot bath and add essential oils if desired. For the clay there are two options:

1) Vigorously mix the clay in to a small amount of water until the clumps are mostly dissolved. Do not use metal for this! I mix with a wooden spoon in a glass jar. Add the clay mix to the bath and soak for at least 20 minutes.

2) Mix that clay with a small amount of water to make a paste. Stand in the tub full of water and rub the clay mix all over your body to create a skin mask and let dry for 5 minutes before sitting down. This provides direct contact with the skin and effectively pulls toxins from the skin. Soak in bath at least 20 minutes or as long as desired. While soaking, use a wash cloth to scrub any remaining clay off the skin.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hair Detox for Beautiful Hair

I help my patients detox from the inside out but what if we detoxed from the outside? I help people with premature balding, hair thinning and hair breakage that is beyond the normal wear and tear of over treated hair. I have even created my own Hair Rejuvenation supplement which people get great results with.  Even though a lot of times the hair loss is due to a heavy metal reaction and I am helping the body deal with those stressors with whole food supplements, wouldn’t it be nice to get the hair healthy from the outside too?

After you have eliminated all dead ends, you will need several basic items to detox your hair. Most of the items used are products that you will have around the house or can be purchased very inexpensively from the store. You will need:
1. Baking soda
2. Apple cider vinegar (ACV)
3. Bentonite clay
4. Raw honey
With these four basic products, you will perform a simple hair cleansing and detox regime. Instead of using shampoos and conditioners full of chemicals, you will use the the baking soda and ACV. Raw honey is used for deep conditioning.

Hair Care Procedure:
• Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with one cup of filtered water in a bowl.
• Mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with one cup of filtered water in a second bowl.
• In the shower, first work the baking soda mixture through your hair. Rinse with cool water.
• Follow with the apple cider vinegar mixture and rinse with cool water.
• For added condition and shine, use a generous amount of raw honey after the ACV rinse. While your hair is completely wet, massage the raw honey through your hair, let it sit for a few minutes and rinse.

Now, the more often you wash your hair with baking soda and ACV, the faster your hair will detox. If your main goal is to detox, you can wash your hair with these mixtures every day.

Bentonite Clay Hair Mask to Hasten Hair Detox

To quicken the process, you can also use a Bentonite clay hair mask. Bentonite clay, essentially an absorbent ash, draws the toxins and excess oils out of your hair and scalp. I use bentonite clay in capsules for internal detoxing too.
The Bentonite clay hair mask is not a part of a daily cleansing regime, but should be used once a week at most.
To prepare the mask, you will mix equal parts bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar until it is the consistency of mustard.
After making the mask, cover your hair completely from roots to ends with the clay. Allow the mask to sit for about 30 minutes but take care to avoid letting it dry completely. You want your hair to still be pliable in order to easily wash it out.

Essential Oils and Such
During the hair detox, it is very important to avoid using any conventional products. After conditioning your hair with the apple cider vinegar, you may notice the smell lingering in your wet hair. Generally, the smell will dissipate in about a month as the detox process continues. Until then, you can use essential oils like lavender, jasmine, peppermint, or any of your favorite scents.
Here are two ways to apply the essential oils.
1. Before you get in the shower, you can mix the essential oils directly into the apple cider vinegar mix and cleanse as directed.
2. When you get out of the shower, you can apply a few drops of your favorite essential oil throughout your hair.

To replace conditioning or moisturizing products after cleansing, there are number of oils you can use. I’ve had good results 100% pure, organic argan oil to condition and heal the hair. Argan Oil has been used for centuries and is made from the Argan tree in the deserts of Morocco.

Wheat germ oil or coconut oil can also be used for conditioning. The great thing about all three of these oils is not only do they condition the hair, but they also protect against the ends from breaking off. As a result, the hair is strengthened which promotes hair growth.

Alternatives to Baking Soda for Hair Cleansing
Baking soda is inexpensive for detoxing your hair, but everyone’s hair is different. If you find your hair is detoxing, but reacting badly, fear not! Instead of the baking soda mixture, use pure Castile Soap instead. This soap achieves the same detoxing effects and even works better for some people. It’s all about finding what is best for you!
Enjoy beautiful hair!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Use Food Instead of Antibiotics to Fight a Cold

Last month the Obama administration announced a set of measures aimed at combating the threat of antibiotic resistance, which can happen when these medicines are used too often and lose their power to treat bacterial infections.

Antibiotic resistance is “a worldwide problem,” Tom Frieden, MD, director of the CDC, said. “This is an urgent health threat and a threat to our economic stability as well.”
Some 23,000 people die and 2 million become sick each year because of antibiotic-resistant infections, Frieden said, noting those estimates are conservative. Such infections can also complicate treatments for conditions like cancer, he said. The infections are estimated to cost $20 billion in direct health care costs, with far more costs in lost productivity.

Use of antibiotics is the single most important factor leading to resistance, Frieden said. Although antibiotics are among the most commonly prescribed drugs, half of those prescriptions either aren’t needed or aren't optimally effective as prescribed and the only solution the government has is to make more drugs.

But instead of producing more drugs to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria what if we used food instead? Standard Process, a whole foods supplements company makes these:

~Immuplex – This is my first line of defense when it comes to the immune system and has zinc and vitamin C in it.
~Congaplex – This supplement is very good to handle bacterial infections and has vitamin A and C in it from carrots and alfalfa.
~Thymex – I like using this for a generally weak immune system and inflammation due to sickness by using calcium and magnesium.
~Spanish Black Radish – This supplement is just that, pure radish. I use this a lot in the office to help the body get rid of mucus that builds up due to being sick.

Great supplements to keep in your cabinet, for anytime you start feeling sick!