Monday, October 16, 2017

Healing Arts Lifestyle: NYC Restaurants

There is no question about it: ditching bad habits and adopting healthier ones can get challenging. Here at Healing Arts we are all about lifestyle changes that help you get your health back on track and allow your body to heal itself. Food changes like cutting out grains and sugar or switching to organic produce can allow the body to cleanse itself, but sometimes this leaves patients unsure about where to go if they want to eat out or grab a bite on the run. Well, stress no more! I have eaten my way through a small fraction of New York City to come up with a list that can help you navigate what can sometimes feel like a maze, so you can feel comfortable and healthy when stepping outside your kitchen.

For lunch and snacks:

Brought to you by honeygrow, they have wonderful zucchini noodles and organic greens with delicious homemade sauces 

I love their hot bar and they make the best grain-free and sugar-free pancakes. Not to mention their chocolate (which we sell at the office)!

They have tasty treats and great salads to grab if you on the go. Their Greek salad with cashew feta is delicious!

Thoughtful meals prepared in glass jars. Their menu is constantly changing so youll never get bored at lunch.

Indian-inspired nourish bowls. They make yummy cauliflower rice.

Organic juices and souphow can you go wrong? Tasty salads, too.

Vegan, plant-based meals with full flavor. Their air dried sweet potato fries are seriously good.

Organic bone broth with no additives. I love their broth with zucchini noodles as an option for lunch.

Homemade organic bone broth that packs a flavor punch. My favorite is their oishi oishi.

Local, organic and elegant. Their quinoa tagliatelle is delicious.

Californian vibes with yummy fruity and savory breakfast options.

Local, organic meals. Try their beef tartareextremely tasty. Think meat, veggies, fish, broth.

They have great avocado toast and its a great place to sit and work with mint water on tap!

Organic and sugar free. They make tasty homemade chocolate and nourishing savory plates.

Vegan/vegetarian share plates exploding with flavorin my top 5! Try the avocado dosa, whole roasted cauliflower and the slow roasted beets. They are rocking the breakfast scene.

Local and organic. Their salmon and charred octopus is a must-try.

Clean eating with lots of salad and snacks. Try their Thai curry.

Local Mediterranean and Latin cuisine. Their scrambled eggs and potato rösti is a must-try for breakfast.

This is the beginning of what will soon be a long list of healthy options that will make you feel satisfied and comforted. These options offer meals and snacks that are healing and in line with your new lifestyle changes. Don’t be afraid to go out and adventure yourselfyou may just find some on your own.

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