Sunday, August 23, 2015

New Best Sunscreen!

I finally found it! The best natural sunscreen, Butterbean Organics. I fell in love with the ingredients and the story of a mom in Georgia making it in her kitchen because she wanted something chemical-free for her children. Bad news: no one sells them in NYC. Good news: I now sell them! Their organic sunscreen and bug spray are not only of natural ingredients but are also full of vitamins and antioxidants that effectively nourish and protect even the most sensitive skin. The bug spray I am super excited about because, until now, my daughter and I were just suffering through because I didn't want to use the chemicals and all the natural things I was using weren't effective. The bug spray is not only effective but doesn't have the harmful DEET. It also doesn't have petroleum, but uses Neem oil instead which is really healthy for the skin. It is alcohol and soy free and uses essential oils for a nice smell (no more chemical stink!).

The sunscreen is SPF 30, 80 minutes of water-resistance, and UVA/UVB. It doesn't have any sticky white residue either! It uses zinc oxide instead of toxic titanium and has coconut oil in it which moisturizes the skin!

The sunscreen comes in 3.0 oz ($12) or 7.0 oz ($22) pots or 4 oz spray ($16).
Bug spray is 4 oz. spray for $12.

Order yours by emailing or calling the office today!

(866) 585-5999

Monday, August 17, 2015

14 Ways to Love Apple Cider Vinegar

I realize now that I make mention of apple cider vinegar through a lot of my blogs and want to take the time now to write all the different ways I use apple cider vinegar in my home or suggest to patients how to use it. If you’re only using apple cider vinegar in your salad dressings, you’re missing out. Here's some other ideas of how to use the health potion.

1. It can make your hair shine.

Apple cider vinegar can be used as a rinse for your hair after shampooing, and will boost your hair's body and shine. I recommend filling a glass bottle with 1/2 a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a cup of cold water. Pour the solution through your hair after shampooing several times a week for dramatic results.

2. Natural apple cider vinegar regulates the pH of your skin.

Dilute apple cider vinegar with two parts water, and spread the concoction over your face with a cotton ball to replace your current toner. You can do this at night after washing, and in the morning before you apply your moisturizer. A dab of apple cider vinegar can also be left on the skin overnight to fade age spots or acne scars.

3. It's also a recommended agent for warts.

For warts, soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar, then fasten the cotton ball over the wart with a Band-Aid overnight. The skin may swell some as it reacts with the solution. However, the wart will fall off. Once it falls off, the treatment should be continued for a few more days, to make sure the wart doesn't return.

4. It can remove stains from teeth.

Rub teeth directly with apple cider vinegar, and rinse with water.

5. It can soothe sunburned skin.

Add a cup of apple cider vinegar to your bath, and soak for 10 minutes to eliminate discomfort from sunburn.

6. Apple cider vinegar can be used as a natural aftershave.

Fill a bottle with equal parts apple cider vinegar and water, and shake before applying to the face.

7. It's an all-natural massage treatment.

Rubbing apple cider vinegar on your hands and feet will give massage-like benefits and relief to tired hands and feet.

8. Apple cider vinegar can aid in weight loss.

For daily weight management, add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to 16 ounces of water. This concoction can be sipped throughout the day. Data shows some limited, yet significant, weight loss benefits from sustained daily intake of acetic acid (which is a main ingredient in apple cider vinegar).

9. Apple cider vinegar will balance your entire inner body system.

The body constantly strives to achieve a state of equilibrium. Apple cider vinegar helps the body maintain a healthy alkaline pH level. Research shows that higher acid levels (lower pH level) leads to a lack of energy and higher incidences of infection. Hence, my desire to sip some a few times a day for a natural boost of energy.

10. It can help you detox.

As part of balancing the body's pH, apple cider vinegar creates an overall detoxification of the body. Research shows that it can help stimulate cardiovascular circulation and help detoxify the liver. An apple cider vinegar bath is a great overall detoxifier. An apple cider vinegar bath draws excess uric acid out of the body. Uric acid is created when the body breaks down substances called purines in certain foods and drinks. Most uric acid is eliminated via the kidneys in the urine, but some folks such as those with gout can have issues with excess levels. An apple cider vinegar cleansing bath can provide welcome relief for those with joint problems, arthritis, gout, bursitis, or tendonitis. It also is very helpful for those with excessive body odor problems.

Add 2 cups of pure apple cider vinegar to a regular sized tub of water as hot as tolerated. Stay in the bath until the water has cooled which will be about 45 minutes. Towel dry and don’t shower for at least 8 hours.

11. Apple Cider Vinegar is great for your lymphatic system.

This miracle vinegar helps to break up mucous throughout the body and cleanse the lymph nodes. Believe it or not, research suggests that apple cider vinegar can help with allergies because of its ability to reduce mucous and sinus congestion. When reducing the effects of allergies, it can also help stave off sinus infections and their related symptoms, such as sore throats and headaches. Dilute a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in water and drink daily. Add the juice of a lime if you would like to make it more medicinal.

12. It can help your body get rid of candida.

This vinegar is rich in natural enzymes that can help rid your body of candida—yeasts that are attributed to thrush. Candida also is blamed for creating symptoms of fatigue, poor memory, sugar cravings, and yeast infections.

13. Apple cider vinegar can help you reduce heartburn.

Though it might seem like an oxymoron to treat stomach acid with an acid-containing vinegar, there is research suggesting that apple cider vinegar works by correcting low acid, hence reducing heartburn. You should begin to feel relief very shortly after taking a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar followed by a glass of water. Note that apple cider vinegar will not give relief if you have an ulcer.

14. The use of apple cider vinegar is effective in repelling fleas on your pets.

One part vinegar and one part water can be sprayed on your pets fur and rubbed in generously to the skin. Saturate the entire coat, and continue every day for a few days to a week. Any flea infestation will surely be gone.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Drink Switchel!

When it comes to health food I'm always trying new things partly due to curiosity and partly for new suggestions for my patients. I just blogged about using warm water and lemon for constipation and adding apple cider vinegar if you know you have a candida health issue. Here's a twist on the apple cider vinegar drink. SWITCHEL!!! So, before you read any further, I'm warning you now that if you don't like ginger then no need to try this drink but if you like ginger like I do then definitely try this.

It is a mixture of grade A maple syrup, raw apple cider vinegar and fresh ginger root. It has that spicy hotness of the ginger and yet sweet with the maple syrup. The back label says it all: ginger is an awesome anti-inflammatory and bug killer. Whether you are fighting bacteria, viruses, parasites, or fungus ginger will kill them all! Apple cider vinegar is rich in enzymes and helps balance blood pH. Maple syrup is not only sweet but has tons of minerals and antioxidants.

With only three ingredients mixed with water you may want to try to make it at home but first try the real Switchel. I found it at DF MAVENS, 37 St. Marks Place, New York, NY 10003
But you can also find it at
Drink up!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Jennifer's Way Gluten-Free Bakery

At the suggestion of one of my patients who raved about it, I went to Jennifer's Way at 263 E 10th St, New York, NY 10009 at 1st Ave. this past weekend. Not only is it gluten-free but also refined sugar-free, soy-free, dairy-free, peanut-free and ORGANIC!!!

I went there 5pm on Saturday and the rolls were already sold out. But there were lots of other goodies, muffins. cupcakes, cookies, and bagels. I bought two sea salt bagels and this morning it was love at first bite!

Jennifer Esposito (yes, the actress) says on her website 'I’ve been a lover of food my whole life…the textures, tastes and smells! When I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2009, my whole world fell apart. I had to re-learn how to EAT, COOK and LIVE!! I quickly learned that gluten was the enemy and not just for me, a celiac, but for so many. I also learned that not all gluten-free food is created equally. I was longing for delicious, homemade flavors of yesterday, but ones that are HEALTHY and NUTRITIOUS as well. I created Jennifer’s Way as an answer to all of this. To be the CELIAC STANDARD, requiring the purest, healthiest, organic, non-GMO ingredients I could find. All made in a GLUTEN-FREE FACILITY, ensuring quality, nutrition and TASTE. For the celiac, the gluten-challenged, and anyone who demands CLEAN SAFE FOOD."

I know many of us can relate to Jennifer's story of relearning how to cook, eat and live as we take our own health into our hands and make healthier lifestyle choices. I love when people like Jennifer make it easier for us.

For my non-New Yorker patients or for those who don't want to make the trip down to East 10th St and 1st Ave the great news is that you can order online and right now they have a bagel sale! Buy one package of bagels and get the second package of bagels for half price. Offer good on ALL bagel varieties.
And as always, FREE SHIPPING on all online orders over $150.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Healing Water

Dr. Masaru Emoto was a scientist that believed that water was a "blueprint for our reality" and that emotional "energies" and "vibrations" could change the physical structure of water. Emoto's water crystal experiments consisted of exposing water in glasses to different words, pictures or music, and then freezing and examining the aesthetic properties of the resulting crystals with microscopic photography. Emoto's studies show that water exposed to positive speech and thoughts would result in visually pleasing crystals being formed when that water was frozen, and that negative intention would yield "ugly" frozen crystal formations.

And if this is what words do to water then you can imagine what they do to us on a cellular level for we are made up of about 60% water. To find out more go to Emoto's website. The main idea is quantum physics. E=mc2, so anything with mass has energy and that energy travels in waves and can be picked up on and interfere with water. Even the mass of the letters on a piece of paper.

I have read blogs on making your own special water using words, which Dr. Emoto calls HADO water and the most effective and efficient way is through a FLASKA. FLASKA makes special glass water bottles that restructure the water in 5 minutes. Using alkaline or reverse osmosis water is best. It comes with a sleeve for protection so if you drop the bottle it doesn't break.  They are $35 each and can be bought at the office.

To get the most out of your FLASKA restructuring the water write positive words on a piece of paper and leave under the bottle for 5 minutes so that it's restructured to your specific words. Make sure all the words are touching the glass so you may have to write small. An all encompassing phrase would work like 'love and gratitude'. But if you have pain or a health concern write, 'this pain is already gone'. For those of you who I give affirmations to this would be a great way to use them! Get creative and drink your 2-3 liters of water a day and even more if it's hot out or you are exercising.

Home Remedies for Constipation: Foods that Help!

Over the years I have given a lot of tips on how to help the bowels move better by adding certain things into the diet. I finally have decided to sit down and write about it! If you have a remedy that helps you please let me know.

#1 Lemon water

Increasing the amount of water you drink has long been touted as a remedy for curing your clogged pipes and it’s true. If your insides are all dried up like the Sahara how do you expect anything to flow? Adding the juice of a full lemon into warm water and drink first thing in the morning will help. For those fighting Candida add a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar.

#2 Baking soda does it all

Baking soda lies at the heart of home remedies. It’s is so incredibly versatile, and it pretty much does its job most of the time. It works incredibly well for constipation (and tummy aches in general) because it is a bicarbonate, which will encourage air to come out of you one way or another, and relieve pain from pressure. It also re-alkalizes the stomach, neutralizing the acid a little bit and helping things pass through your gut.

You will need…
-1 teaspoon baking soda
-1/4 cup warm water

Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with ¼ cup of warm water. Drink all of the mixture-the quicker you finish it, the better it seems to work.

#3 Dandy Dandelions

Dandelions are a terribly annoying weed, but you might view them differently after they help relieve your constipation. The constituents of dandelions make it a gentle laxative as well as an effective detoxifier, and a cup of dandelion tea will be enormously beneficial to those who are suffering from constipation due to inactiveness or the consumption of a lot of processed foods (although drinking it does not mean you don’t need to exercise or eat healthy!)

You will need…
-1-2 teaspoons of dried dandelion leaves
-1 cup of hot water

Put 1-2 teaspoons of dried dandelion leaves into a mug, and pour hot water over them. Cover and let steep for 6-10 minutes. Drink up to 3 times a day.

#4 Coffee is our friend (sometimes)

A lot of people love their morning coffee, but it does more than just give off heavenly aromas and help you perk up. Caffeine is a natural stimulant for the digestive system, so indulging in a cup of joe will help get you up and running in more ways than one. 1-2 cups is fine, but make sure you don’t overdo it-too much can actually have the opposite effect. Coffee is a diuretic and makes you urinate more frequently, and if you drink it an excess, it can cause constipation by dehydrating your body and drawing out water that would normally soften your stool.

#5 Get moving

If you want stuff to move through your body, you need to move too! Our lifestyle these days not only involves dietary changes that increase constipation, but we’re often sitting much more than we’re active. While there isn’t an exact scientific reason as to why lack of exercise is linked with getting clogged up, we can assume that moving the body helps get the smooth muscle in the colon moving as well. Keep in mind, however, that you should wait an hour after big meals before exercising. Here is a stretch that works well!

Ardha Matsyendrasana (photo below): From a seated position, cross your right foot to the outside of the left thigh (or to the inside which is less intense). Bend left knee and draw heel towards you, sitting down between both feet (or keep left leg extended out straight on the floor which is less intense). Hook your right arm around your right knee and hug it in close to stretch the right outer hip and glute. Release your left hand to your mat behind your back. Inhale and lengthen your spine, exhale and twist, looking over your back shoulder. Hold for 5-10 breaths and repeat on other side.

#6 Oil…it gets more than cars running

Pure olive oil is more than just a healthy and tasty fat, it can also help relieve constipation. It’s not surprising really when you consider what olive oil’s texture and consistency is like- it’s practically the poster child for constipation home remedies. It stimulates your digestive system, which helps get things moving through your colon, and taken regularly it can prevent constipation as well.

You will need…
-1 tablespoon of olive oil

In the morning consume one tablespoon of olive oil. Easiest to take it like a shot. It works best on an empty stomach, so have it before you eat anything else. If you forget, wait until later when you haven’t eaten for a while. You can mix it with a little bit of lemon juice if you like to lighten the flavor (lemon juice also acts as a natural aid for constipation. See above, #1).