Monday, October 30, 2017

Travel Immunity

Almost 2 million people fly every day and some people arrive feeling worse than when they left. Flying is very taxing to the body; it messes with its natural rhythms, puts a strain on the immune system, causes dehydration, increases stress hormones, and (sadly) accelerates aging. It puts you at high risk of feeling under the weather as the air isn’t really filtered but instead simply blown to the back of the plane and re-circulated.

Our bodies were never designed to be confined to be at high altitude, especially in such close proximity to so many people breathing the same air. Flying exposes you to environmental toxins and pathogens that you aren’t routinely exposed to. You’re exposed to radiation, toxic cabin air and new people. If you have a robust immune system then your body will handle these toxins by using its amazing detox pathways. However, if you’re not in optimal health these things can hit you pretty hard.

We want to arm you with all the correct defenses so that your immune system becomes Superman and can battle these not-so-ideal environments. Here are the top 6 defenses to protect your body and kick the immune system into gear!

Stay hydrated. It’s vital you stay hydrated, especially before the flight. The cabin air is very dry causing dehydration, drying up your mucus membranes, throat, eyes and weakening your immune system. Stay away from any alcohol and coffee before the flight and make sure to get in lots of good filtered water. Coconut is a great pre- flight drink with high electrolytes will keep you hydrated longer.

Avoid X-ray airport scanners. These machines give off a lot of electromagnetic field radiation, wreaking havoc over the body and weakening the immune system. I recommend avoiding these if at all possible, to prevent this toxin from affecting the body and making you more susceptible to the toxins on the planes. They say that they are safe but won't allow children and pregnant women through.  So that's something to think about.  Ask to opt out of the scan or apply for the TSA pre-pass that lasts for 5 years.

Pack your snacks. Diet is always key and being on the right nutrion program will make sure you have all the correct vitamins and minerals that will ensure the immune system is in full gear. Packing your own food and snacks will allow you to know what you’re eating. Pack foods that boost your immune system and be sure to stay away from the unhealthy packaged and prepared food at the airport.

Get extra immune support. Being on a nutrition response testing program will protect your immune system by making sure they body has the correct nutrition to keep you healthy and full of energy. Because flying can add a lot of stress to the body extra immune support is vital to make sure we feel great when we land. Immuplex and Wellness Blend are our go-to products for flying to make sure to keep the bugs away, energy levels high and immune system boosted. 

We are coming out with our own Healing Arts immune support supplement so keep your eye out for it when in lands in the office.

Exercise. Make sure to keep the body moving. Get up and stretch your legs on the plane and be sure to get some exercise in before and after your flight. This will allow the body to get adequate blood flow and detoxifying movement of the lymph system. 

Cover your ears. This may sound odd but the noise pollution form planes is actually a lot higher on the decibel range than what we are used to, which can actually will trigger a stress response in the body. This stress response links long flights to hypertension, cardiovascular disease and anxiety. So, protecting your ears is protecting your body against stress.

Try earthing. Yep, you read that correctly. Walking around outside barefoot can really have a huge impact (whether you travel often or not). This is one of my favorite ways to destress my body, as the Earth’s energy reduces inflammation and keeps blood and lymph flowing. It’s best at the beach if you’re on vacation but any contact with the earth with get you destressed and calm in no time. Here's more info on Earthing.

Many dread the experience of flying or some know they aren’t going to feel good afterwards (not to mention the jet lag). These tips will equip you with all the right tools to keep the body and immune system healthy and in superman function so you can feel and perform better when traveling by air.

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