Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Trimona Bulgarian Yogurt Is The Best!

What makes this organic cow milk yogurt different is two amazing things. The cows are grass-fed and the yogurt is not strained. Their motto, "Let the Greeks have their philosophers, leave the yogurt to us," makes me laugh every time I read it. Bulgaria is proud to have the history of producing the healthiest yogurt in Europe dating back 4,000 years ago. Russian Nobelist Ilya Mechnikov attributed yogurt as the reason why Bulgarians lived so long. He studied the yogurt and linked aging to toxic bacteria in the bowel and showed that fermented milk inhibits these germs from growing by seeding the intestine with good bacteria. Mechnikov named the yogurt microorganism Lactobacillus bulgaricus.

I'm so glad Trimona has kept the tradition of making Bulgarian yogurt and knows the importance of not only organic but grass-fed and full fat yogurt. If the fat is taken out of the yogurt so are the natural enzymes so the body doesn't know how to break down the food. All yogurt that you eat should be full-fat. It's hard to find but not impossible. If the store isn't selling Trimona then I will buy the full fat FAGE yogurt. And to tell you up front because Trimona isn't strained it has a slightly sour taste which I think is delicious!

Bulgarians know how important consuming fermented foods are for gut health and eat about 400,000 tons of their yogurt. The importance of fermented food can be found at or my blog.

For my vegan friends try the best coconut yogurt. Anita's yogurt is a little expensive but totally worth it!