Saturday, July 28, 2018

Tired of throwing away rotten food?

FreshPaper will keep your food fresher for longer!

It's always a pain when food spoils faster than you can eat it.  Picking out the right produce is not always easy.  Just the other week I bought organic peaches from Trader Joe's and one of them didn't even last 3 days in my fruit bowl where it was supposed to ripen.  It just went from 'as hard as a rock' to moldy and I missed my window to have my daughter eat it.  At least it was only one peach and I could save the rest.  But the waste of both money and food bothered me so I went online to see what could be done and I found FreshPaper.  

I have been in awe of how these little sheets of paper work! I don't know exactly how but the results speak for themselves.  My strawberries stay fresh for twice as long and basil, which I never go through fast enough and always have to throw out, lasted long enough for me to use it all!

It was developed by a woman who experimented in her garage after visiting her grandmother in India.  Her grandmother made her a special tea while she was there and the woman could feel the health benefits from it.  After she came home and was interested in helping the food economy the woman used  the herbs in the paper and started selling them at local Farmer's Markets and the rest is history!  

She also has one to keep bread fresher longer which I haven't used yet.  I don't have a need since it's not something I buy but if you use it please let me know how your experience was.  The feedback is valuable to other patients!

It's $10 for a monthly supply which she estimates will save you $50.  I appreciate the savings and am so grateful to not have the waste. I promise, you will too!  I have some packages at the office for your convenience if you want to get them there.  

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