Monday, August 10, 2015

Drink Switchel!

When it comes to health food I'm always trying new things partly due to curiosity and partly for new suggestions for my patients. I just blogged about using warm water and lemon for constipation and adding apple cider vinegar if you know you have a candida health issue. Here's a twist on the apple cider vinegar drink. SWITCHEL!!! So, before you read any further, I'm warning you now that if you don't like ginger then no need to try this drink but if you like ginger like I do then definitely try this.

It is a mixture of grade A maple syrup, raw apple cider vinegar and fresh ginger root. It has that spicy hotness of the ginger and yet sweet with the maple syrup. The back label says it all: ginger is an awesome anti-inflammatory and bug killer. Whether you are fighting bacteria, viruses, parasites, or fungus ginger will kill them all! Apple cider vinegar is rich in enzymes and helps balance blood pH. Maple syrup is not only sweet but has tons of minerals and antioxidants.

With only three ingredients mixed with water you may want to try to make it at home but first try the real Switchel. I found it at DF MAVENS, 37 St. Marks Place, New York, NY 10003
But you can also find it at
Drink up!!!

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