Monday, September 7, 2015

B. Good, Best Burger Joint!

It's a dream come true! There really is a local, non-gmo, hormone-free meat with gluten-free bread burger joint. Only thing is that it's not in NY yet. Closest one to the Big Apple would be Greenwhich, CT but if you are traveling in the northeast definitely check it out especially in Boston where the original b. good restaurant is. B. good is about good food, both tasting good and good for you. The potatoes come from Massachusetts, the beef come from Maine, and the bread comes from a bakery in Long Island City. Having grown up on a dairy farm myself I appreciate them knowing the farmers directly and posting photos of the farmers in the restaurant with a slogan, "food made by people, not factories". I love the idea of small businesses supporting other small businesses. Their soda also comes from Maine and is made with organic cane sugar instead of white refined sugar. Since I let my daughter have cane sugar as a treat she was so excited to try soda for the first time in her life; she's 6 years old. After taking a sip of the regular soda, root beer and lime-lemon sodas at the soda fountain she declared she doesn't like soda (wow!) and went for their beet-ginger lemonade which I thought was too sweet and diluted with water before giving it to her to drink.

At Fairfield, CT, opening day where there were hamburger costumes for kids to dress up in and free sunglasses!

For my vegetarian patients they do have veggie burgers and what looks like an awesome kale and grain bowl which you can choose organic quinoa or super-grain mix. I have not muscle tested the kale yet to see if it's toxic but you know I will! (to read more about kale being toxic). I find some brands do test okay and some do not test well. The french fries are baked not fried and they have sweet potato fries as well which I prefer for my daughter because of the extra boost of vitamin A. They also have a separate counter just for fresh pressed juices and shakes made from fresh produce from Connecticut. All food is in season; I love it! Here is more info on their menu and locations!