Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Best Protein Powder

Since writing about my smoothie people have asked more questions about protein powder. Let me tell you why I like Sun Warrior and Garden of Life brands.

Sun Warrior is SPROUTED brown rice protein. Sprouted being the key word. It means they take the rice plant before it sprouts so it's all nice and green and has all the nutrients intact and they harvest it for it's nutrients which is rich! It comes in original flavor and also chocolate and vanilla which the flavors are sweetened with stevia. Sun Warrior has some other products but I have only used the Classic Protein Powder. It is raw, NON-GMO and vegan as well! The cost is about $1 a scoop.

Garden of Life is SPROUTED as well but instead of just brown rice is also has sprouted 12 other grains. I think this variety is good. The body shouldn't breakdown the same food over and over again. It also comes in original, chocolate and vanilla with the flavored ones being sweetened with stevia. It also has probiotics and digestive enzymes in it which Sun Warrior does not. However Garden of Life has fermented soy which helps with digestion you just have to be careful if you are sensitive to soy. The best is to bring it in and have it muscle tested. It is also about the same price as Sun Warrior.

I think as far as taste goes both brands are about the same in taste. A little chalky if you drink alone with water but blended tastes just fine.

A newer brand out on the market that looks good is Aloha which I have not tried as of yet but I plan on it being my next protein powder purchase. If you have tried Aloha or have suggestions on protein powder please share! I'm always looking for new ideas and doing research.

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