Friday, October 30, 2015

Best Shower Filter Uses Vitamin C

When I detox patients from chlorine or lead one of my suggestions to stop such toxicity is to get a shower filter. Shower filters are especially needed if I find the chlorine or lead is bothering the patient's skin or hair. I used to tell patients to go to Home Depot or just buy one online thinking that they were all pretty similar doing the same job until recently. I am lucky enough to have a chlorine filter on the main line of my house so all water coming into the house is chlorine free and I know that the house does not use lead pipes so all my water is chlorine and lead free. But it was recently brought to my attention for patients who don't have that option due to living in apartments there are many types of shower filters and my research has led me to suggest that the best one out there is the Sonaki shower filter. It works by the antioxidant power of vitamin C. Vitamin C is the most effective and efficient chlorine and chloramine filtration media on the market.

Sonaki Vitamin C shower filters are lab tested and proven to neutralize 99.9% of the harmful chlorine and chloramine toxins from your shower water! Sonaki shower filter cartridges are composed of 100% organic, pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C. It has 60 days return policy so that if for some reason you don't like it you can get 100% refund. So there is no risk in trying it. Even though the website doesn't say anything about filtering out lead I have never had Sonaki shower water test for lead energy. You can even bring in the shower water to get tested to make sure your body likes it. Shower filters really help patients suffering with hair loss, eczema, psoriasis, asthma, dry skin and irritated, itchy skin.

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